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Raise the roof!

The usual crew of Scott, Jessica, Mike and I showed up early in the morning at the Peach Pit yesterday to raise the trusses of the Peach Pavilion into place. We had put the word out that to get this done, we would need help, and a lot of it. Though we had great success getting help erecting the walls, I still did not know what, who, or how many to expect for this task.

And of course all of my anxiety was (again) gratuitous, as through the narrow, lush entryway to the Peach Pit, our incredible group of volunteers emerged. Tucker raised the roof at the Peach Pit yesterday, both literally and metaphorically. We were able to place the massive trusses in place that Scott and I constructed the week prior, and our group of roof raisers had a great time doing it too. The first truss was a learning experience, both in practice and in getting to know each other's roles. Each truss I could feel the improvement and bonds being made.

These bonds were temporary, but were made by our joint struggle to raise these large trusses into place. By the time we got to the final 24 foot truss, we had become a machine. Though it was the by far the largest, our group was able to put it in place with ease and efficiency. Seeing all the trusses up there made us realize just how big the structure is, and it gave us not only a sense of joint accomplishment, but that mythical sense of community ownership over this project. My hope is that this ownership and pride is not limited just to days like this, and will transgress over the Peach Pavilion's existence. 

Pavan Iyer