Designing place-based ecologies.


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eightvillage is a place-based design consultancy seeking to create positive change in communities


Ashtagrama (literally in Sanskrit, “eight villages”) was a group of small communities in the Kolar District of Karnataka, India. In the early 16th century, a small group of brahmins known as the “Ashtagrama Iyers” from Tamil Nadu migrated to the Ashtagrama group of villages, at the request of the existing government. They came as learned priests, Vedic scholars and agriculturists, soon transforming the kingdom from a poor community into a well-educated and prosperous one.

eightvillage continues the ethos of the Ashtagrama. We strive to bring together facets of architecture, urban design, ecology, and education to collaborate and help foster a sense of place. Projects are client-driven and have included everything from neighborhood-led design/build projects to student-led public art projects. Collaboration and communication are at the core of our process, and we are always energized to facilitate, mobilize, and catalyze ideas that have an impact on people and our planet.

our leadership


Pavan Iyer

…is a licensed architect in the state of Georgia and former Buzz graduated from Georgia Tech with a Master’s in Architecture and a minor in Environmental Science. Prior to eightvillage, Pavan was a designer at Lake Flato in San Antonio, working on projects of all scales, including net-zero water houses, higher education buildings, and urban projects. Upon returning to Atlanta, Pavan played an intergral part in starting-up and piloting numerous local initiatives, including Ryan Gravel’s urban think-tank Generator, a non-profit dedicated to fostering ideas for cities by people. Pavan is also the creative director for Second Story Gardens, a non-profit that designs and builds aquaponics gardens at public schools while incorporating the process into STEM curricula.

Educating the next citizen-thinker is at the core of Pavan’s passion for community-driven projects. He believes that places become rooted through memories and a sense of pride, and these qualities are best generated through leveraging education as the vehicle for creating community.

Joel Jassu

…was born and raised in the slums of Banda in Kampala, Uganda. He miraculously received scholarship to the University of Memphis to study Architecture for his undergraduate and then Georgia Tech for his Masters of Architecture. His experiences living in Uganda have shaped his understanding and empathy of design. His professional experiences include working on different project scales with Looney Ricks Kiss in Memphis, TN and Perkins+Will in Atlanta, GA.

Joel has spent the last six years leading both local and global initiatives, leading teams from the US, Italy, Sudan, Togo, UK and Uganda to do cross-cultural projects around the world focused on bringing cultural awareness and design together. His recent projects include The Droneport project in Tanzania, a design build initiative with Georgia Tech, Worldshine and Perkins+Will. It is a research project focused on “How to tell indigenous stories using hybrid technologies of production and project delivery.”

consulting services

We offer design services and consultation for projects of varying scales, specializing in architecture and urban design. Our client-base includes a wide range of for-profit and non-profit entities, all with place-based design goals at the forefront of the project. Download our firm profile here.

Services include:
+ design consultation
+ educational programming and curriculum design
+ project management
+ architectural design
+ urban planning and design
+ development
+ project coordination assistance
+ digital renderings
+ graphic design